Billing is done at the end of each month for resources used. We support invoicing and creditcard payments which you select during registration. Note that you can test the service for free for a month with limited resources. Just register for an account here and choose to apply for a free month. You can turn the free account to a normal one if you want to unlock resources. If you have any questions, please send e-mail to
Prices below are excl. VAT.

Virtual Servers

We provide virtual machines of different sizes through OpenStack. A virtual machine (VM) is an emulation of a computer system. Virtual machines are based on computer architectures and provide the functionality of a physical computer.

Flavor vCPUs RAM Disk Price
tiny 1 1 GB 8 GB 0.2 SEK per hour
small 2 2 GB 10 GB 0.4 SEK per hour
medium 4 4 GB 16 GB 0.8 SEK per hour
large 6 8 GB 24 GB 1.2 SEK per hour
xlarge 8 16 GB 32 GB 1.6 SEK per hour
huge 12 64 GB 90 GB 2.4 SEK per hour
mega 24 128 GB 180 GB 4.8 SEK per hour

Bare Metal Servers

We provide bare metal servers through MAAS, a cloud style automatic provisioning platform lead by Canonical. A bare metal server is a physical server which is not shared between customers.

Type Description Cores RAM Disk Price
Dell PowerEdge R430 12 32.0 GB 1000.2 GB 3 SEK per hour
OpenCompute Windmill 32 144.0 GB 1000.2 GB 4.5 SEK per hour
Dell PowerEdge R730 24 256.0 GB 16600.5 GB 6 SEK per hour
Dell PowerEdge R730 GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 24 256.0 GB 16600.5 GB 8 SEK per hour
Supermicro GPU-Server 10 x Nvidia GTX 1080ti 40 192.0 GB 1480.3 GB 30 SEK per hour

Block Storage

We provide persistent replicated block storage for use with VM instances. You can dynamically create volumes of different sizes from 1TB to 16TB and attach them to your VMs. The VM sees the volume as a raw device and can treat it accordingly (partition, format, etc). The volume can be moved from one VM to another without loosing data.

Resource Price
Volume 0.278 SEK per TB and hour

Public IP

By default port forwarded ssh access (rdp for windows) is included when renting virtual machine or bare metal server. But it is also possible to assign a public IP address to the server which expose all ports to the Internet.

Resource Price
IP 0.1 SEK per IP and hour